Power of Chi connects brands to their customers using data led creativity

About Us

Power of Chi is a television production company, creating TV commercials and  daytime programming. However, the company has an extensive background in several marketing content & distribution disciplines such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMO (Social Media Optimisation), VOD (Video on Demand), and specialism in dynamic creative optimisation and paid media.

Power of Chi goes beyond the outsourcing monetary needs and hassle. It is a company that connects brands to their clients, without the time and money consuming endeavours of going to different companies or solicitate different services for the creation of one single video. Power of Chi has seen an increasing investment by companies, this trend being transversal to companies of all sizes. The institutional video provides all the necessary information to its consumer and, therefore, it is an excellent form of communication for companies.

We all prefer to do business with people we already know and trust, and that is what our company is all about. Video, unlike text, can convey a level of security and trust that people look for when they search for products and services. Video content is the most appropriate solution when it is necessary to explain overly complex and difficult to understand information, since it is capable of transmit content clearly and simply. If your goal is to be able to differentiate your company through an institutional video and generate greater involvement with your audience, then you have found the ideal partner: Power of Chi. Contact us and our creative team will be happy to help you define the best strategy and produce the video content your company needs. When it comes to Power of Chi, the video you have envisioned can be created based on a wide variety of language due to its format, and, depending on its objective, it is possible to adopt a more informal, more humorous, more inspiring or even more didactic communication, as this is the approach of Power of Chi. Basically, there are no limits when it comes to creating and innovating!

Our Ethos

Power of Chi works harder than anyone in the industry, maximising the return of investment for our clients. We put our clients at the heart of every single thing we do, whether it is to increase viewer engagement, or to boost sales of a specific product. Our motto is ‘Work Hard, Then Work Harder’.

What Do We Do?

Power of Chi spans throughout multiple industries. In technicality, a production company that makes documentaries and daytime television shows would not dare to conceive the idea of making any other type of content. But Power of Chi believes in a multi-channel approach. Being digital and on broadcast TV allows the company to create relevant content which has, with their social media consultancy background, a deep level of true engagement. The company can produce content that people genuinely want to see.

When creative agencies hire directors for shoots, they also hire production agencies and post-production houses and the costs just escalate and escalate and escalate. Power of Chi, on the other hand, do all of the in-house side of production, cutting out a lot of the usual extra people and steps, which saves a lot of money for the clients. This is what sets us apart from the companies who use outsourcing instead. Regardless of the type of videos you intend to publish, it is essential to create content with quality and identity, in order to win customers over with each frame they set their eyes on. Audio-visual production is not simple, easy, or cheap to do. This means that companies willing to record video through outsourcing will have to invest a good amount of financial resources in equipment and in a competent team of professionals.

Power of Chi can purchase across several segments of audiences in order to see who the real customers are, and we let the data speak for itself, instead of trying to establish who the customers will be beforehand. We have removed that bias through well-thought media buying. In terms of Marketing, the company will select a brand for a professional conversation, reach out to one of the members of the team of that particular brand, and sit down together to figure out which potential issues they might be having, come up with a sensible budget, and then, together, they decide how to tackle the issue. For Television Services, Power of Chi develops shows and then pitches them out to Television Commissioners with the aim of developing a programme. If the programme is approved, the next step is production and distribution of the actual show for television format.

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