Video Production

Live Video on Location

This can be on-site or digitally, like Zoom stream, where we produce shows such as Ask the Expert. We can either do that from a studio, or we can do that from the homes of people. From that, we can sort the streaming, create tables, create major webinars, and stream it through various social media networks.

On Location Production – Red/Phantom/Canon

We have several RED educated (which is spelt REDicated) camera people. We got Phantom operators, cannon cinematic camera operators, and we use all our own vast choice of equipment. We use camera equipment of cinematic quality, which takes a great deal of experience to use. For example, for almost all BBC dramas produced today, a RED camera is used, and for ultraslow motion productions, Phantom cameras are used. We also have operators to function on these.

Postproduction NLE (Non-Linear Editing)

We essentially cut content up and make it look even better than it was originally. We can do it dynamically, so if we want to test lots of different clips in different ways for adverts, we can cut that in different ways through After Effects scripting.

Postproduction Grading

This is the changing of the colours so that colour footage matches everything in the content or has a certain look or a certain feel to it.

Postproduction SFX

We can apply special effects to content. It is extremely helpful for things such music videos, dramas, and film.

Postproduction Animation

We can use After Effects or Adobe Animate to create cartoons, visual infographics or moving infographics.

Podcast Conversion

We use specialist software to convert YouTube videos into high quality podcasts. We can also handle the distribution of that content, so that your wonderful YouTube videos can be played on demand on Spotify Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. In addition, we can fund it as well, so that it can generate traffic for those platforms using their own proprietary advertising tools.

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