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Before the term was ever coined, Kwai Chi was already part of the Social Media scene. In 2006, he was a YouTuber, making videos in a vlog format every single day, where he would talk about whatever he wished. This was something that excited him for both the novelty of the activity and community-building, something he had in common with any other person in the early stages of what was then simply called Web 2.0, or New Media.

He invested a lot of his time in Social Media because he really loved the feedback part of it, the building up of communities, the sense of togetherness, especially back in the early days of YouTube, when it was a quite small community. Back then, someone would be deemed popular if they hit 1,000 views, and one of the biggest aims of YouTubers was to feature in the Homepage of YouTube. Kwai never got to this particular stage, but he did end up featured in publications like The Guardian, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Mail and The Sunday Telegraph. He got half-way there in terms of fame, but it was not something that Kwai would do as an obligation. It was something organic that he enjoyed doing. It did end up consuming most of his time, and eventually became his professional occupation.

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– Published in, May 20, 2016

‘Should your business invest on Facebook?’ – The B2B guide to Social Media. If you have funds for investment and a portfolio of stock that includes tech shares, should you be investing in Facebook at the initial public offering (IPO)? Also, how will the recent Facebook IPO affect the Google vs. Facebook cold war?

– Published in TopLine Comms, Mar 2, 2012

‘Innovative ways your business can use social media to recruit’ – So you have had a bad day. The boss has been on your back again and you think it is time to move on. The job hunt begins… These days the job market has been actively moving in certain sectors despite the state of the economy and part of this is the ease of access to your information online from recruiters.

– Published in TopLine Comms, Feb 13, 2012

‘Why your business can't afford not to blog’ – First off, let’s clear up what a blog is. A blog used to be thought of as an online documentary of someone’s life. These days though, blogs don’t have to exist on their own and they don’t have to be in a long format like the one you’re reading right now. There are different types of blogs; for example, social blogs like Twitter and Facebook enjoy greater traffic by existing where most users already spend their time. The notion of these microblogs is that they allow the sharing of small elements of content across different media formats and the fact is, if your business isn’t part of this movement, it will fall behind.

– Published in TopLine Comms, Feb 6, 2012
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