About the Founder and the Team Behind Power of Chi

It is no secret that it is no easy task to find a job. No exception to the law is the UK. Despite the popular ideals of globalisation and equal opportunity, one of the biggest obstacles to conquer when finding a job is to get past the ethnic or racial stamp that is inherently attached to a CV. As our culture has changed, one fact remains: ethnic and racial discrimination in the workplace. However, it is up to each of us to channel the negative energy stemming from that stigma. As its founder, Kwai Chi, wanted to build his own course to break the cycle and make a difference, the capacity to turn hardship into success is at the root of Power of Chi.

Kwai began his own business, transforming from an actor and producer into an exceptionally motivated, well-established entrepreneur, leaving behind his life as an investment banker. For him, it was down to being fearless and knowing that if you are inspired, nothing is impossible. Through his company, Power of Chi, Kwai has headed up Social Media Branding and Communications for Intuit, which is an American business and financial software company that produces and provides software and related services for small companies, accountants and individuals for financial, accounting and tax planning. He launched extensive award-winning shows for Intuit QuickBooks with Ask the Expert, an inspirational show where experts of different fields give free advice on entrepreneurship and what it takes to succeed. Kwai Chi saw equal success in previous projects for iProspect and Santa Monica Talent, and he continues to improve himself and his services in order to help his clients achieve greatness. Behind all this, however, there is a human being who started small, and let his ambition and clear vision of the future guide him. Driven, enthusiastic and optimistic, Kwai has never seen himself as an overachiever. He passionately believes there is always something to work on, which is the key to his success thus far. As a head of three agencies, Kwai needs to be as strong as he is as a business director in client partnerships. He is always happy to support everyone in his organization and his clients. He is available to them 24/7. Kwai does not find these circumstances at all annoying, as they clearly validate the close bond he has with his clients and co-workers.

The relentless enthusiasm and determination of Kwai transformed Power of Chi from a royalty collection business into a hybrid of production and consultancy, but it also includes television as a content broadcasting and distribution network. The Power of Chi's strength lies in its agility. The trick is to think of a problem as something in more than just one way that can be solved. To actually engage with the client in order to discuss how to tackle a project is one of the most successful strategies.

In terms of the whole team, the most important aspect of Power of Chi is its diversity. The salaried employees of Power of Chi are all BAME employees. However, people are not purposely being hired by colour or by ethnicity. People are hired because they are potentially the best person for a particular role. Power of Chi has a wonderful, diverse mix of talent, with a lot of experience in what they do. Kwai Chi has been the primary recruiter so far, and he always prefers to hire people he considers better than himself in a specialised field. It is, essentially, the mantra behind his hiring policy.

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